Hailstone Vineyards is about the atmosphere wine creates: friendship, sophistication, and good conversation over wine and weather. Our focus is on producing small lots of premium wine from varying regions of the valley. By maintaining and farming small block vineyards, we are able control the variables in the vineyard and allow our wines to express the distinct characteristics of the region. Spotlighting the great mountain districts of the Napa Valley as our grape source, allows the final products to expose the true, bold, tannin-structured wines that Hailstone Vineyards creates.

Chris Zazo

bio-pic_cz_hsvA native of the Midwest, Chris has long had a passion for food, wine and the weather. Growing up on a farm that specialized in blending top soils, coupled with his background as a Chef, Chris understands the inextricable link between the earth, elements, and what it provides. In fact, it was the weather that helped his company, Dallas-based Aspenmark Roofing and Solar, experience tremendous growth over the past 10 years.

In 2012 and 2013, Aspenmark was tapped by Inc, 500 as one of the fastest growing businesses in America.

For years Chris has wanted to pay homage to what has helped him achieve personal and professional success, with weather the driving force between Aspenmark and Hailstone Vineyards. Hailstone Vineyards is the realization of that dream. Chris is finally combing his two passions, bringing the same attention to quality and craftsmanship in the wines produced by Hailstone that made Aspenmark a benchmark brand in the roofing business Outside of Hailstone, Chris works with his charitable foundation, Roof Angels, to help those in need keep a sound roof over their head. In his personal time he is also an avid traveler, golfer, skier, and cook.

Garrett Ahnfeldt

Garrett-pic-for-website-199x300Raised among the vines of Napa Valley, Garrett was driving tractors at the tender age of seven, and developing a love for farming. His family moved to Napa Valley in 1985 where his parents started out by selling their world class wine grapes to prestigious Napa wineries for years before creating their own.

Garrett made his grand entrance into the wine world in 2002, launching a vineyard management company which led to the management of over 350 acres, including both wineries and private growers. However, living out his passion for farming wasn’t enough for Garrett, he felt the need to taste the grapes he grew and managed. In 2006, G Wine Cellars was born out of this desire.

Garrett believes that great wine is born in the vineyard, and due to his extensive experience working with the soil, he harbors a unique skill for making high quality grapes. His ability to control farming operations in combination with his knowledge of the vine and the fifteen different micro climates of the valley allows him the ability to fully control yields in order to produce exceptional fruit.

Tim Milos

Timothy-Milos1Hailstone Vineyards is honored to work with Tim Milos, a sixth generation Bay Area native. Tim grew up exploring the hills of rural west Marin, building houses in the summer, reading, and cooking.

In addition to diverse interests in philosophy, history and politics, Tim studied Plant Pathology at Cornell University and went on to conduct graduate-level research in Enology and Viticulture at California’s U.C. Davis in 1999. It was at Cornell that Tim discovered the winemaking going on in Upstate New York’s Finger Lakes region. Here, at last, he found a way to tie his many passions together: science, history and art, the seasons, and working with one’s hands.

Tim decides when to harvest by tasting the grapes as he walks along the vineyard rows. The ripeness of the grapes is determined by flavor, texture and potency of the fruit.